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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Geometry Factory

The initial development phase of the cgal library has been made by a European consortium. In order to achieve the transfer and diffusion of cgal in the industry, a company called Geometry Factory has been founded in January 2003 by Andreas Fabri ( ).

The goal of this company is to pursue the development of the library and to offer services in connection with cgal (maintenance, support, teaching, advice). Geometry Factory is a link between the researchers from the computational geometry community and the industrial users.

It offers licenses to interested companies, and provides support. There are contracts in various domains such as CAD/CAM, medical applications, GIS, computer vision...

Geometry Factory is keeping close contacts with the original consortium members, and in particular with Geometrica .

In 2010, Geometry Factory had the following new customers for cgal packages developed by Geometrica : Dr.D Studios (spatial sorting, animation, Australia), Forum8 (2D mesh generation, animation, New Zealand), Esri (AABB tree, GIS, USA), NexGeo (2D mesh generation, GIS, Corea), Polytec (2D mesh generation, Laser Measurement, Germany), Sierra Nevada Corp. (2D triangulations, GIS, USA), Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (2D triangulations, fire fight, Canada).

Additionally, there were two confidential customers, one for surface reconstruction, and one for 3D alpha-shapes.

Moreover, research licenses (in-house research usage for all of cgal ) have been purchased by: Volkswagen (car industry, Germany), Navteq (image processing, USA), InfoTerra (image processing, F), Boeing (air planes, USA), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA), KU Leuven (B), Australian National University (Australia), ZIB - Zuse-Institut Berlin (Germany), BRGM (geophysics, F), and by one confidential customer.


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