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Section: New Results

Probabilistic contracts for component-based design

Participants : Na Xu, Gregor Gössler [EPI POPART] , Alain Girault [EPI POPART] .

Na Xu, Gregor Gössler and Alain Girault defined a probabilistic contract frameworkfor the construction of component-based embedded systems, based on the theory of Interactive Markov Chains. A contract specifies the assumptions a component makes on its context and the guarantees it provides. Probabilistic transitions allow for uncertainty in the component behavior, for example, to model observed black-box behavior (internal choice) or reliability. An interaction model specifies how components interact.

Ingredients for a component-based design flow include (1) contract satisfaction and refinement, (2) parallel composition of contracts over disjoint, interacting components, and (3) conjunction of contracts describing different requirements over the same component. Compositional design is enabled by congruence of refinement. A paper describing this result was presented at the ATVA 2010 conference [29] . A technical report version is also available [34] .


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