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Section: Software


Participants : Paul FUDAL [correspondant] , Matthieu LAPEYRE.

uV-REPBridge is a set of softwares which allows to control V-REP through Urbi scripts; it consists of a plugin for V-REP and a UObject component for Urbi.

V-REP - the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform - is robot simulator which allows to edit and simulate robotic systems and sub-systems. Also, it can be integrated and combined using a complete API.

Urbi, Universal Robot Body Interface, is an open source cross-platform software platform in C++ used to develop applications for robotics and complex systems. Urbi is based on the UObject distributed C++ component architecture. It also includes the Urbi script orchestration language which is a parallel and event-driven script language. UObject components can be plugged into Urbi script and appear as native objects that can be scripted to specify their interactions and data exchanges. UObjects can be linked to the Urbi script interpreter, or executed as autonomous processes in "remote" mode.

uV-REPBridge is a way to interact with a robot simulation loaded with Urbi. Based on network communication, it's possible to use this software locally (V-REP and Urbi on the same computer) or remotely. So, it's possible to do experiences with a virtual robot and environment instead of using a real robot. Also, because uV-REPBridge provides classic functionality like, for example, setting position of a joint or its torque, getting sensor value, etc... it will be very easy to adapt an existing Urbi script controlling a real robot to use it through V-REP.

The development is made under a Windows environment using the V-REP and Windows API for the plugin and the UObject API with Boost for the UObject Component. The development of software has just begun at the end of the past year and will be finalized soon.


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