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Section: Software


Participants : Olivier LY [correspondant] , Jérôme Béchu, Paul FUDAL, Pierre-Yves OUDEYER.

RhobanMoveStudio is a complete software suite to easily create and control robots, Acroban in particular. It consists of:

Software stack

Figure 2. RhobanConfigurationTool system panel

The system runs on an electronic board (based on ARM9 processor) and uses a linux distribution (OpenWrt). The sofware is composed of several layers :

We are currently implenting some other softwares in this suite such as a java configuration tool, a C++ client api (to develop a future URBI UObject) and a basic python client (to test the software).



RhobanConfigurationTool is Java software/applet used to diagnose a robot; so, it's possible to verify if all the motors are operational, if a sensor work well, if the system is over-loaded or not, etc... The choice of Java was made because it is a multi-platform runtime available on several commons environment (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) so the user doesn't have to install any dependencies (except the Java runtime) to run the software as a stand-alone application or a web-brower Java applet.

This software provides different configuration panels according of the different parts of a robot system. As an example, there is a panel (figure 3 ) for global system functionality (load average, memory stat, console), and an other (figure 4 ) used to test and set all motors.

Figure 3. RhobanConfigurationTool system panel
Figure 4. RhobanConfigurationTool motors panel


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