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Section: Software


Participants : Olivier LY [correspondant] , Jérôme Béchu, Paul FUDAL.

We improved the embedded control system of the Acroban humanoid robot along several ways in order to

Work have been done concerning embedded electronic on the one hand, and embedded software on the other hand. Concerning electronic, we use now ARM9 technology, integrating linux operating system. We have interfaced the system in a modular way to get two configurations. First, we can now control dynamixel servo-motors via this board from a host external system (mac, pc, etc). This allow to experiment complex algorithms with a lot of freedom for development (from matlab, etc.) within a rich environment, avoiding inherent constraints of embedded systems. The second configuration aims hard realtime control (feedback loops frequency up to 100Hz). We set up a system consisting of a computation unit (the ARM9 linux board), driving a control unit (ARM7 system without operating system).

The embedded software has been upgraded along several ways also:


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