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Section: Software


Participants : Pierre Rouanet [correspondant] , Fabien Danieau.

WoZRemoteControl is a software that allows users to tele-operate a robot such as the Nao robot from Aldebaran Robotics. The interface provides many feedback to the user to help them to improve the user's awareness of the situation. For instance, we displayed the video stream of the robot's camera so users can monitor what the robot is seeing. We also displayed alarm such as “the robot is falling” or “the robot is busy” to help the tele-operator to answer correctly and prevent him to trigger inadequate behaviors.

The operator can drive the robot by using the arrow-key of the keyboard as in classical first person shooter video games. Sliders can also be used to aim the robot's head (pan/tilt). A set of buttons allows the trigger of specific complex actions such as “stand up”, “sit”, “wave” or behavior to express emetional state as “don't undestand”, “yawn”, “happy”, etc...

The software has been writting in python and the interface has been realised with Qt in order to be cross-platformed.


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