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Section: Software


Participants : Olivier LY, Jérôme Béchu [correspondant] , Pierre-Yves OUDEYER.

We developed some new UObject to enrich the UFlow Toolbox. The UFlow Toolbox is a collection of various software modules for programming and scripting robot sensorimotor loops, aimed at allowing rapid prototyping in the FLOWERS team, and integrated in the URBI framework. URBI, developed by GOSTAI, supports the integration of heterogeneous robotic software modules. It uses a dynamic scripting language, which manages parallel and event processing. Each module, called UObject, is written in C++.

UBreve is an UObject to control a 3D simulation based on ODE and the Breve software. We developed a system of sensors and effectors to actuate the simulation. We used Breve as the 3D simulation software . These simulations are used to test the developmental learning algorithm developed in the team. We created some basic experimental setups involving:

The UBreve software is based on multiple layers. We implemented a python TCP server to communicate with this UObject. Then, another connection is used between the UBreve UObject and MATLAB for example.

UBioloid is another URBI UObject used to control uniformly several kinds of Dynamixel motors (AX12, RX28, RX64) via the MMNET Board. This software implements a TCP Protocol to set and update motors properties.

UGui is a basic graphic UObject for graphical plotting and rendering written in c++. It is based on the sfml library. This new version runs on more platforms than the previous one (OS X, Linux, Windows).


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