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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Initiatives

RBP Immunosearch

Participants : Oussama Cherif, Olivier Corby.

This work is carried out in the framework of the P.A.S.S (Parfums, Arômes, Senteurs, Saveurs) Hub. It is a collaborative project with ImmunoSearch SARL, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (IPMC- CNRS/UNS), I3S (UMR CNRS-UNS) and industry (Iris Pharma and Skinethic, perfumers such as l'Oréal, etc.) The objective of this project is to design biomarkers for controlling the harmlessness of the molecules used in perfumes, aromatics and cosmetics. The purpose of this research is to conduct comparative studies of in vivo and in vitro test models on the skin (irritation, allergy) and to propose alternative methods defining the new norms applicable in this field. In this context, we aim at proposing methodological and software support for capitalization and valorization of knowledge resulting from experiments and techniques to preserve and reuse data. We rely on the semantic Web technologies (semantic annotations, ontologies, RDF, SPARQL...).

This year we leverage the GUI for graph query and navigation. We designed an XML Format for SPARQL Query Templates with variable parts. This XML format enables the SPARQL query pipeline to be defined in a declarative way, as an external resource of the application [35] .


Participant : Alain Giboin.

AVISICIL is a 3-year project funded by the Région PACA which complements the ANR project ISICIL. AVISICIL initial goal was: (1) to analyze and model the social cognitive processes of networks of watchers managing common vocabularies; (2) to contribute to the installation of a laboratory (room) of use to be shared by several research teams. This year the project has been repositioned. The main topic of the project (analyzing and modelling the collaborative construction of common vocabularies) has been put in the background.

A secondary topic (analyzing and modelling emotions occurring in the interactions between people) has been put in the foreground. A major reason for this repositioning is that the emotion topic became a priority for most AVISICIL partners; partners agreed on the objective of contributing to the design of a system supporting elderly people by recognizing/monitoring their emotions. The AVISICIL partners are: the Edelweiss research team; the Kewi research team (I3S Laboratory, UNS, France), and the Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive et Sociale (UNS, France).


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