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Section: Software

Elastic cell model

Modelling in the framework of this project implies intensive numerical simulations. Cell dynamics modelling is one of the main approaches of this project. It corresponds to a multi-scale modelling which includes individual based modelling coupled with partial and ordinary differential equations. This modelling will be accompanied by the development of user friendly interfaces. They will allow the participants of the project as well as other possible users to apply the original software which will be developed. An example of such interfaces, which we already use for cell dynamics modelling, is shown in Figure 5 .

Figure 5. User interface for the software "Cell dynamics", the version "elastic cell model".

The interface includes the main window with the menu at the top of the screen and several other windows which can be open using the menu. These windows allow the user to specify the geometry of the domain and the properties of cells (1 in Figure 5 ), the values of parameters (3 and 4), the numerical and graphical output (2 and 5). Several versions of the software are now available. They include the "soft sphere model” and "elastic cell model". We discuss the possibility of the development of the 3D versions of the software.


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