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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Initiatives

NoE EuroNF

Participants : Gerardo Rubino, Bruno Tuffin.

Euro-NF is a Network of Excellence on the Network of the Future, formed by 35 institutions (from academia and industry), coming from 16 countries. Its main target is to integrate the research effort of the partners to be a source of innovation and a think tank on possible scientific, technological and socio-economic trajectories towards the network of the future. It has started in January 2008 and is ending in 2011 (see ) .

Bruno Tuffin is the INRIA team leader in this project. Gerardo Rubino is the responsible of the WP SEA 7.1: “Synergic collaboration with external institutions industry, SMEs and Academy” for the whole network.

The group is contributing to the following working packages (Joint Research Activities):

AMESA project

Participant : Bruno Tuffin.

We are member of AMESA project (Analysis of MEchanisms for Sponsored search Auctions) within EuroNF NoE, funded for a period of about one year Oct. 2009 and Dec. 2010, in collaboration with, Athens University of Economics and Business, the CWI, TELECOM Bretagne and the University of Rome 2.

COST initiative ECON@TEL

Participant : Bruno Tuffin.

Bruno Tuffin is the French national delegate and project coordinator for the EU COST Activity IS0605. The goal of ECONTEL is to develop a strategic research and training network linking key individuals and organizations in order to enhance Europe's competence in the field of telecommunications economics, to support related R&D-initiatives, and to provide guidelines and recommendations to European players (end-users, enterprises, operators, regulators, policy makers, content providers) concerning the provision to citizens and enterprises of new converged broadband and wireless content delivery networks (see )

Other initiatives


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