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Section: New Results

Scalable Video Coding (SVC) transmission over IP and Broadcast networks

Participants : Majd Ghareeb, Adlen Ksentini, César Viho.

One of the multimedia market trends is audiovisual service (TV or VoD) anywhere, at any time. To support such service, Video Service Provider has to manage, store, and distribute content towards multiple kinds and scales of terminals, and over different and transient access technologies to reach the end user. To solve such issues, video scalability seems to be the most relevant solution. It encodes the video in multiple separated layers, which enable a large number of users with heterogeneous capability to view any desired video stream, at anytime, and from anywhere. One of the most well known scalable standards is the Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extension of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video compression. Our researches in this topic are related to how to optimise and enhance SVC transmission over IP and broadcast networks.

In the context of SVC4QoE project, we proposed in [34] an overall architecture that is able to optimize the transmission of SVC streams over DVB-T2 based broadcast network. In addition, we are developing the first complete simulation model for SVC over DVB-T2 in OPNET simulator.

With the aim at keeping a high perceived video quality, SVC video streaming over Internet still faces important challenges. Among other solutions, MultiPath Video Streaming (MPVS) over Video Distribution Network (VDN) comes as a promising solution to overcome the limitations of the classical single path and IP-level video streaming approaches. In [36]  [37] we proposed different approaches that couple the three SVC scalability modes (Spatial, Temporal, SNR), with the path diversity provided by VDN. Our method adapts to both the heterogeneity of end-users using the scalable video coding as well as to network bandwidth fluctuation by observing the changes of the available bandwidth over the multiple overlay paths, and updating the streaming strategy accordingly.


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