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Section: New Results

Optical networks

Participants : Nizar Bouabdallah, Charlotte Roger.

Typical optical-based backbones are in general underutilized. This is not due to the lack of transmission needs, but to other factors, among which we underline two: the bottleneck effects at access networks, and the somehow rigid and inefficient way of using the optical infrastructure as nowadays available in the current technology. In the team, we work for providing new techniques in order to utilize efficiently the tremendous transmission capacity offered by the optical equipments. To achieve this, we propose intelligent traffic aggregation mechanisms and efficient routing algorithms [10] .

Optical technology has increased significantly the transmission capacity of today's transport networks, and it is playing important roles in supporting the rapidly increasing data traffic. Meanwhile, congestion issues are definitively relieved in such core networks. Nonetheless, the rigid and large routing granularity (i.e. wavelength) entailed by such an approach could lead to bandwidth waste [10] . In this regard, increasing research interest is now focusing on the development of new concept of traffic aggregation in optical networks. The main objective of our work is therefore eliminating both the bandwidth underutilization and the scalability concerns that are typical of all-optical wavelength-routed networks.


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