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Section: New Results

Simulation of Contacts without friction

Participant : Olivier Pantz.

We have developed a new contact algorithm for bodies undergoing finite deformations. Only the kinematic aspect of the contact problem has been investigated, that is the numerical treatment of the non-intersection constraint. In consequence, mechanical aspects like friction, adhesion or wear have not been considered and we restricted our analysis to the simplest frictionless case. On the other hand, our method allowed us to treat contacts and self-contacts, thin or non-thin structures in a single setting. This work has lead to the publications of two papers. One focus is on the simulation of aortic valves, where complex self-contacts between the valves could occur. A c++ code has been developed to treat those contacts and has been coupled with a fluid structure code by the REO team of the INRIA. The other is less specialized to a particular application and give a presentation of the algorithm in a more general setting [27] . It also contains several applications in a two dimensional case (dynamic of balloons, contacts and self-contacts between linear and non-linear elastic bodies). The codes where developed under Freefem++ and C++.


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