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Section: Software

Scilab and Matlab Toolboxes

Conformal mapping method

Participant : Houssem Haddar [correspondant] .

This Scilab toolbox is dedicated to the resolution of inverse 2-D electrostatic problems using the conformal mapping method introduced by Akdumann, Kress and Haddar. The toolbox treats the cases of a simply connected obstacle with Dirichlet, Neumann or impedance boundary conditions or a simply connected inclusion with a constant conductivity.

Direct and inverse problems in waveguides

Participants : Armin Lechleiter [correspondant] , Dinh Liem Nguyen.

This Matlab toolbox includes fast solvers for direct and inverse scattering problems in planar 3D waveguides for inhomogeneous media The direct scattering problems are solved using an spectral integral equation approach relying on the Lippmann-Schwinger integral equation, discretized as a Galerkin method via the fast Fourier transform. The toolbox includes preconditioning by a two-grid scheme and multipole expansions coupled to the spectral solver to allow for multiple scattering objects. The inverse problem to find the shape of the scattering object from near-field measurements is solved using a Factorization method.


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