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Section: New Results

Modeling crack propagation by PDMP's

Participants : Romain Azaïs, Anne Gégout-Petit.

We propose a method to validate a model of PDMP for the propagation of a crack in alloy. The model is given in [44] . We have developed a method of actualization in order to predict the behavior of a crack knowing the beginning of the history of its propagation. The method is the following: we propose a model which parameters are estimated without a crack and we use it for the prediction of the crack. We define a criteria to measure the quality of the prediction. We compare the model of PDMP to a stochastic model without jump of the parameter using this criteria and the dispersion of the simulated curves. We carried out this work in collaboration with Marie Touzet of the LMP "Laboratoire de Mécanique Physique" from Bordeaux. The results are very satisfying. This work is published in [34] .


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