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Section: New Results

Multi-objective stopping problem for discrete-time Markov processes

Participant : François Dufour.

The purpose of this work is to study an optimal stopping problem with constraints for a Markov chain with general state space by using the convex analytic approach. The costs are assumed to be non-negative. Our model is not assumed to be transient or absorbing and the stopping time does not necessarily have a finite expectation. As a consequence, the occupation measure is not necessarily finite which poses some difficulties in the analysis of the associated linear program. Under a very weak hypothesis, it is shown that the linear problem admits an optimal solution, guaranteeing the existence of an optimal stopping strategy for the optimal stopping problem with constraints. These results have been obtained in collaboration with Alexey Piunovskiy from Department. of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. It has been published in Journal of Applied Probability [21] .


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