Team cqfd

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Faculty Members

François Dufour [Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux, Team Leader, Professeur (Pr), HdR]
Bernard Bercu [University Bordeaux 1, Professeur (Pr), HdR]
Marie Chavent [University Bordeaux 2, Assistant Professor (MdC), HdR]
Anne Gégout-Petit [University Bordeaux 2, Assistant Professor (MdC)]
Benoîte de Saporta [University Bordeaux 4, Assistant Professor (MdC)]
Jérôme Saracco [Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux, Professor (Pr), HdR]
Huilong Zhang [University Bordeaux 1, Assistant Professor (MdC)]

Technical Staff

Frédéric Proia [Research Engineer, since Nov. 2009]

PhD Students

Romain Azaïs [INRIA, ANR grant, since Sept. 2010]
Camille Baysse [Thales Optronique, CIFRE grant, since Nov. 2010]
Adrien Brandejsky [CORDI-C grant, since Sept. 2009]
Raphaël Coudret [University Bordeaux 1, MENRT grant, since Oct 2010]
Karen Gonzalez [University Bordeaux 1, MENRT grant, since Sep. 2007]
Thi Mong Ngoc Nguyen [CNRS, BDI/CNRS grant, since Sep. 2007]
Laurent Vezard [Region grant, since Oct 2010]

Administrative Assistant

Marie-Christine Echegoyen


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