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Section: Dissemination

Action for the research community

Kondo H. Adjallah has been invited to deliver keynote speech at the CCC 2010 (5th Colombian Congress on Computation), Cartagena, Colombia, April 14-17, 2010, on 'Approach of Data and Information collection for the Decision Support in Industrial Asset Management'. He has been also invited to deliver keynote speech at the ICECE'2010 (International on Electrical and Control Engineering), Wuhan, China, June 26-28, 2010, on 'About the extraction of relevant health information of equipments for optimizing their performances'.

Kondo H. Adjallah co-lead with Zineb Simeu Abazi from the G-SCOP lab, the Working Group MACOD of the GDR MAC, at national level. He is also leading the activities of the international cooperative research network for the Management of the Infrastructures of Development (ICRN MID), which involves research laboratories 7 High Education institutions in the world.

Most of the members of our project regularly participate in working groups of GDR-MACS (such as Bermudes, FL, RdP, CSP, INCOS, ORT, META, STP, GISEM). The GDR-MACS has vocation to federate the community of the researchers in industrial engineering, by extremely interdisciplinary nature.

Many members of the team are members of the ROADEF (French Operational Research and Decision Support Society). Nathalie Sauer is member of the new board of this society.


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