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Section: Software

Euclide: a constraint-based testing platform for critical C programs

Participant : Arnaud Gotlieb.

Euclide is an open source prototype tool that can help testing and verifying critical C programs. The prototype takes a C program as input, optionally annotated with assertions or post-conditions, and generates input test data that can reach specified locations within the code. Additionally, it can either prove that the assertions or post-conditions are verified, or proposes counter-examples to these properties. The core of the tool includes a powerful constraint solver based on constraint propagation, integer linear relaxations and labelling, that was built specifically for this purpose. Euclide is mainly developed in Prolog and is accessible online through a web interface . Euclide has been registered at the APP with number IDDN.FR.001.250011.000.S.P.2009.000.10600. This software is distributed under the CECILL-C licence. A. Gotlieb received the best poster award at the Annual National Days of the GDR-GPL for a presentation of the Euclide tool. In the context of the CAVERN project, we recently developed a constraint solver dedicated to modular integer computations [25] . This solver should be integrated soon within the Euclide platform.


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