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Section: Software

Testing Tools

Participants : Fabrice Bouquet, Frédéric Dadeau, Philippe Paquelier.

In December 2008, we have started the redevelopment of our original testing tools environment, with two objectives: first, refactoring the existing developments, and, second, providing an open platform aiming at gathering together the various developments, increasing the reusability of components. The resulting platform, named Hydra, is a Eclipse-like platform, based on Plug-ins architecture. Plug-ins can be of five kinds: parser is used to analyze source files and build an intermediate format representation of the source; translator is used to translate from a format to another or to a specific file; service denotes the application itself, i.e. the interface with the user; library denotes an internal service that can be used by a service, or by other libraries; tool: encapsulates an external tool. The following services have been developed so far:

These services involve various libraries (sometimes reusing each other), and rely on several tool plug-ins that are: SMTProver (encapsulating Z3 solver), PrologTools (encapsulating CLPS-B solver), Grappa (encapsulating a graph library). The transfer of the existing work on test generation from B abstract machines, JML, statecharts using constraint solving techniques is currently being processed.


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