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Section: Application Domains

Verification of Web Services

Driven by rapidly changing requirements and business needs, IT systems and applications are undergoing a paradigm shift: components are replaced by services, distributed over the network, and composed and reconfigured dynamically in a demand-driven way into service-oriented architectures (see e.g. ). Exposing services in future network infrastructures means a wide range of trust and security issues need to be adressed. Solving them is extremely hard since making the service components trustworthy is not sufficient: composing services leads to new subtle and dangerous vulnerabilities due to interference between component services and policies, the shared communication layer, and application functionality. Thus, one needs validation of both the service components and their composition into secure service architectures. In this context, there is an obvious need of applying formal methods. Our project aims at applying our proof and constraint solving techniques to reason on web services. More precisely, we focus on the composition problem in the presence of security policies.


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