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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR Architectures du Futur Open-People (2009-2011)

Participants : Daniel Chillet, Robin Bonamy, Olivier Sentieys.

The Open-People (Open Power and Energy Optimization PLatform and Estimator) project aims at defining a complete platform for low power estimation and optimization. The platform will be composed of hardware boards to support measurements for the applications. End-users will be able to upload their applications through a web portal, and to control the power measurements of the execution of their applications on a specific electronic board. The Open-People project will also propose a complete power component model library which allows end-users to estimate the power consumption of some parts of the applications without making measurements. This will allow to quickly evaluate the different design choices regarding the power consumption. Finally, through the web portal , Open-People will propose software tools to apply power optimizations. In this project, Cairn team will develop power model for FPGA components using dynamic reconfiguration. Open-People involves LabSticc (Lorient), Trio (Nancy), Cairn (Rennes/Lannion) and Dart (Lille/Valenciennes) teams from Inria, Leat at Nice, Thales (Colombes) and InPixal (Rennes). Cairn is in charge of power models and optimization for reconfigurable architectures.


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