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Section: Software

PowWow: Power Optimized Hardware and Software FrameWork for Wireless Motes (AP-L-10-01)

Participants : Olivier Sentieys [correspondant] , Olivier Berder, Thomas Anger, Arnaud Carer, Jérôme Astier, Samuel Mouget, Adeel Pasha, Steven Derrien.

PowWow is a hardware and software platform designed to handle wireless sensor network (WSN) protocols and related applications. Based on an asynchronous rendezvous medium access (MAC) protocol, geographical routing and protothread library, PowWow requires a lighter hardware system than Zigbee [84] to be processed (memory usage including application is less than 10kb). Therefore, network lifetime is increased and price per node is significantly decreased.

Cairn 's hardware platform (see Figure 3 ) is composed of:

Figure 3. Cairn 's PowWow motherboard with radio board connected

PowWow distribution also includes a generic software architecture using event-driven programming and organized into protocol layers (PHY, MAC, LINK, NET and APP). The software is based on Contiki [94] , and more precisely on the Protothread library which provides a sequential control flow without complex state machines or full multi-threading.

To optimize the network regarding a particular application and to define a global strategy to reduce energy, PowWow offers the following extra tools: over-the-air reprogramming (and soon reconfiguration), analytical power estimation based on software profiling and power measurements, a dedicated network analyzer to probe and fix transmissions errors in the network. More information can be found at .


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