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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR Technologies Logicielles - SoCLib (2007-2010)

Participants : François Charot, Kevin Martin, Laurent Perraudeau, Charles Wagner.

The aim of SocLib (An Open Modeling and Simulation Platform for System-on-Chip Design) is to build an open platform for modeling and simulation of multi-processors system-on-chip, that can be used by both universities and industrial companies. The core of the platform is a library of simulation models for virtual components (IP cores), with a guaranteed path to silicon. The main concern of the SocLib project is a true interoperability between the IP cores: all SocLib components are written in SystemC and respect the VCI (Virtual Component Interface standard) communication protocol. CABA (cycle-accurate and bit-accurate) and TLMT (transaction level model with time) simulation models are proposed. For more details see . SOCLIB successfully ended in September 2010.


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