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Section: Dissemination

Participation to the Scientific Community

Rémi Abgrall is associate editor of the international journals “Mathematical of Computation”, “Computer and Fluids”, “Journal of Computational Physics”, “Journal of Scientific Computing” and “Journal of Computing Science and Mathematics”. He is member of the scientific committee of the international conference ICCFD, and of the “commission d'évaluation de la direction Simulation Numérique en aérodynamique” of ONERA. He is member of the CFD committee of ECOMAS. He is also member of the scientific committee of CERFACS. He is member of the GP1 group of Allistène. He is member of the Comité National du CNRS, section 01. He is member of the board of the GAMNI group of SMAI and is its current responsible. He is member of the board of Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux.

Pierre Ramet and Rémi Abgrall are members of the GENCI scientific committee (Mathematics and Computer Sciences). R. Abgrall also belongs to the Fluid mechanics one.

Pascal Hénon, François Pellegrini and Pierre Ramet have been members of the “commission consultative” for the LaBRI in 2010.

Pascal Hénon was also in the decision board for the “Plafrim” project, and Pierre Ramet was in the decision board of the "MCIA" project (Mésocentre Aquitain : un environnement Mutualisé de Calcul Intensif en Aquitaine).

Mario Ricchiuto, Cécile Dobrzynski and Rémi Abgrall have, in collaboration with the team–project MC2, prepared the CANUM 2010 in Carcan Maubuisson (june 2010).


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