Team bacchus

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Pietro-Marco Congedo [Research Associate, since sept. 2010]
Pascal Hénon [Research Associate, until nov. 2010]
Mario Ricchiuto [Research Associate]

Faculty Members

Rémi Abgrall [Team Leader, INRIA, Research Director (on secondment), Professor, IPB, HdR]
Cécile Dobrzynski [Associate Professor, IPB]
Marc Duruflé [Associate Professor, IPB]
François Pellegrini [Associate Professor, IPB, HdR]
Pierre Ramet [Associate Professor, University Bordeaux 1]

Technical Staff

Pascal Jacq [INRIA, Expert Engineer, from ADDECCO ]
Xavier Lacoste [INRIA, Associate Engineer]

PhD Students

Guillaume Baurin [SNECMA, CIFRE, since Oct. 2008]
Dante De Santis [INRIA, funding from IDHIOM, since Oct. 2010]
Sébastien Fourestier [CNRS, funding from CNRS and Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine, since Sep. 2008]
Damien Genêt [INRIA, funding from IDHIOM, since Oct. 2010]
Robin Huart [INRIA, funding from ANR CIS ASTER, since Oct. 2007]
Gianluca Geraci [INRIA, funding from ADDECCO , since Oct. 2010]
Cédric Lachat [INRIA, CORDIS S, since oct. 2009]
Arnaud Krust [INRIA, funding from ADDECCO , since oct. 2009]
Algiane Froehly [INRIA, funding from ADDECCO , since Fe. 2009]
Christelle Wervaecke [INRIA, Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine grant, since Sep. 2007]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Virginie Drean [Université de Bordeaux I, since January 2009]
Hocine Sellama [CNRS, since February 2010]

Administrative Assistant

Josy Baron [Secretary INRIA]


Estelle Mbinki [funding from ADDECCO ]


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