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Section: New Results

Comparison of Usability Methods: Inspection vs. User Testing

Participant : Dominique Scapin.

In the domain of user interface usability, a very active research field aims at defining new evaluation methods and at improving existing ones. A study has been conducted to compare threes usability evaluation methods: User Testing (UT), Document-based Inspection (DI), and Expert Inspection (EI). In an experiment [18] based in the context of Virtual Environments (VEs) evaluation, twenty-nine individuals (10 end-users and 19 junior usability experts) participated during 1 hour each in the evaluation² of two VEs (a training VE and a 3D map). Quantitative results of the comparison show that:

In addition, a qualitative analysis shows that:

Also, the data obtained from these experiments have been analyzed further with a different perspective, through collaboration with M. Schmettow (University of Twente) and C. Bach (IRIT). The purpose here is to use a new statistical model to detect and measure heterogeneity bias in data during evaluation processes, what will improve efficiency of the process. This was published in a national conference [36] ..


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