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Section: New Results

Future Internet Domain Landscape

Participants : Marc Pallot, Brigitte Trousse, Bernard Senach, Mylène Leitzelman.

Several research domains are converging to support the development of innovation ecosystems. Smart cities are considered as an experimentation field for FI research and for user driven open innovation. The Fireball project (cf. 8.3.4 ) is to bring together three different constituencies: user driven open innovation, Future Internet, and Smart Cities. It aims at defining a roadmap, based on analysis of needs, opportunities and gaps, to benefit a wide scale implementation of the methodologies and concepts elaborated..

A first objective in the project was to get a clear view of the state of the art in each domain. During the review, progressively emerges a landscape that we organized along 4 main axes: wiring (wired/wireless), user's role (subject/convergence), Internet evolution approach (structured/unstructured), evaluation purpose (reliability/adoptability). This analysis is represented in the Figure 2 .

Figure 2. Future Internet domain Landscape

As it is illustrated in Figure 2 , a large variety of research have been engaged. If initial efforts in Future Internet research have been directed towards the goal of providing the technical infrastructure supporting the next network generation, a rising trend in this research field is to consider now a higher level layer, the layer of services.


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