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Section: New Results

Living Lab Landscape of Research Streams: towards User Co-creation

Participants : Marc Pallot, Brigitte Trousse, Bernard Senach, Dominique Scapin.

Figure 1. Living Lab Landscape of Research Streams

Through the set up of the ICT Usage Lab and our involvement in several european initiatives, we strongly felt the need of a clear cartography of research streams in the Living Lab domain. To address this question, our priority was to launch a first state of the art about an ubiquitous notion, user experience.

From this review, progressively emerged a landscape that we organized through 4 main axes: granularity (individual/group), user'role (subject/actor), collaboration style (structured/unstructured), evaluation purpose (reliability/adoptability). This analysis is represented in the FigureĀ 1 .

From this tentative structure, it became easier to organize the different approaches of living labs, struggling between technology push and application pull. This tentative cartography of user centered innovation processes is a good start to plan further clarification. Such a landscape is used by finish colleagues for cartographying Living labs in Finland.


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