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Section: New Results


This year we obtained new results in our three research topics:

  1. Topic 1 - Data Mining and IS mining (cf. the first seven sections): Two thesis (Charrad and Chongsheng), clustering (Web content data clustering, document categorization, fuzzy clustering, clustering of curves), anti-bouncing model for usage data streams, summarising and mining data streams.

    Let us note that some past works on this topic described in previous annual reports were published in 2010: a) 2007 report in section 6.3.7 [19] , b) 2009 report in section 5.3 [33] , [46] and finally 2009 report in section 5.4 [50] .

  2. Topic 2 - IS mining based services for supporting Information Retrieval: our three results related to people search (user-oriented expert finding, person name disambiguation, models for expert finding) take place in the context of Elena Smirnova's thesis.

  3. Topic 3 - Pluridisciplinary Research for supporting the development of the FocusLab platform (cf. the last four results):this pluridisciplinary research is dedicated to the design, tailoring and refinement of methodologies and tools for a better users' involvement in innovation processes. On going work concerns four topics: the Living Lab landscape, the convergence between research in Future Internet and Living labs domains for application in Smart Cities, the comparison of usability methods and a step towards the use of formal tools for design and validation of the dialogue in interactive software.


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