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Section: Software

Other Software

K-MADe: Kernel of Model for Activity Description Environment

Participant : Dominique Scapin [correspondant] .

The K-MADe tool is intended for people wishing to describe, analyze and formalize the activities of human operators, of users, in environments (computerized or not), in real or simulated situation; in the field, or in the laboratory. Although all kinds of profiles of people are possible, this environment is particularly intended for ergonomics and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) specialists. It has been developed through collaboration between and INRIA. A new release has been delivered on november 1st 2010. It incorporates the findings from the work of Caffiau and al. (cf. 6.15 )). Its history, documentation and tool are available at: .

CLF - Computer Language Factory

Participant : Thierry Despeyroux [correspondant] .

CLF is a toolbox designed to ease the development of efficient parsers in Prolog. It currently contains a couple of tools. The first one uses Flex to perform lexical analysis and the second is an extension of Prolog DCGs [76] , [94] , [72] to perform syntactical analysis. It allows right recursion, take advantage of hash-coding of prolog clauses by modern prolog compilers and keep an automatic link to the source code to ease the development of tools as compilers with accurate error messages.

This toolbox has been used to produce a parser for XML. It has also been used to produce the specification formalism SeXML. The generated parsers have been intensively used in our team to parse and analyze XML files, mainly related to our research applied to the Inria annual activity reports.

A complete documentation is available in [84] .


Participant : Brigitte Trousse [correspondant] .

BibAdmin developed by S. Chelcea (ex-PhD student) is a publication management tool corresponding to a collection of PHP/MySQL scripts for bibliographic (Bibtex) management over the Web. Publications are stored in a MySQL database and can be added/edited/modified via a Web interface. It is specially designed for research teams to easily manage their publications or references and to make their results more visible. Users can build different private/public bibliographies which can be then used to compile LaTeX documents. BibAdmin is made available since the end of 2005 under the GNU GPL license on INRIA's GForge server.


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