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Section: Application Domains

e-participation in Environment and Health

Following the Rio Conference (1992) and the Agenda for the 21st Century, local territories are now directly concerned with the set up of actions for a sustainable development. In this frame, ICT tools have been supposed to be very efficient to re-engage people in the democratic process and to make decision-making more transparent, inclusive and accessible. So, sustainable development is closely associated with citizen participation. The emerging research field of e-democracy (so called Digital Democracy or eParticipation), concerned with the use of communications technologies such as the internet to enhance the democratic processes is now a very active field. Though still in its infancy, a lot of literature is already available (see for instance: or for a global view of work in Europe) and numerous different topics are addressed in the field.

Below are some topics where AxIS was or is involved in:

AxIS main topics relevant for these domains are: social network analysis, personalization and information retrieval, recommender systems, expert search, design and evaluation of methods and tools for open innovation, usage mining, mining data streams.


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