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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Animation of the Scientific Community


AxIS members are involved in the animation of the scientific community:

Reviewing Activities

AxIS is involved in the management and the edition of 4 journals:

AxIS members belong to 8 editorial boards of international journals and two special issues of a national journal (RNTI, RIA):

AxIS members were reviewers for 3 journals:

Several AxIS members were involved in 9 international conferences/worhshops as members of Program Committee:

AxIS members were also involved in national conferences/worhshops as members of Program Committee.

Other Reviewing Activities: B. Trousse is expert for the cluster ISLE (Rhônes Alpes region) related to the project “Web intelligence. F. Masseglia was expert for the BLANC call for project and for the RTRA DIGITEO.

Organization of Conferences / Workshops

AxIS was involved in two major events:

  1. COMPSTAT 2010 (more thant 600 participants): Y. Lechevallier was vice-chair of the organizing committee of the 19th COMPSTAT symposium, COMPSTAT 2010 (August 22nd-27th 2010), which is the conference on the Statistical Computing and sponsored by the European Regional Section of the IASC (International Association for Statistical Computing). IASC is a section of ISI (International Statistical Institute). COMPSTAT2010 [53] is locally organized by the CNAM and the INRIA (AxIS). T. Despeyroux was member of this organizing committee.

  2. LLSS2010, First Living Labs Summer School (around 80 participants from 23 countries)²): B. Trousse with K. Pawart and R. Santoro was at the initiative of the idea of organising the first edition of a Living Labs Summer School In France. B. Trousse was co-chair of the scientific committee and chair of the organisation committee of the summer school. The first Living lab Summer School took place at the Cité des Sciences (Paris, august) with the great support of universcience and LUTIN User Lab:

University Teaching

AxIS is an ”associated team” for the STIC Doctoral school at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNS) and AxIS team members are teaching in various universities (UNS, Univ Paris IX-Dauphine, CNAM, ENSAE):

B. Trousse made AxIS presentation at Inria during student visits from ENS Lyon, (around 15 students, November 10) and from ENS Cachan (around 23 students), December 10.

Ph.D. Thesis

One Ph.D. defense this year:

Two PhD in progress at Inria :

  1. E. Smirnova (start: September 2008), “Mining social networks”, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis & INRIA, (co-directors: M. Rueher, B. Trousse). Let us note that E. Smirnova made an internship at Google (Paris) may-august.

  2. C. Zhang (start: october 2008), “Mining data streams: clustering and pattern extraction”, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis & INRIA, (director: F. Masseglia).

In the context of the WRUM project, B. Trousse and B. Senach participate in the thesis committees of three Ph-D students (Morocco):

AxIS researchers were members of Ph.D. committees in 2010:


We welcomed two students this year:

E. Smirnova attended the Machine Learning Summer school (Canberra, Australia, September 27 - October 6)

Activities of General Interest


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