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Section: Application Domains

Transportation Systems & Mobility

Major recent evolutions in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are linked to rapid changes in communication technologies, such as ubiquitous computing, semantic web, contextual design. A strong emphasis is now put on mobility improvements. These improvements concern both the quality of traveller's information systems for trip planning, the ability to provide real time recommendations for changing transportation means according to traffic information, and the quality of embedded services in vehicles to provide enhanced navigation aids with contextualised and personalised information.

Web 2.0 technology plays now a role of growing importance, as it supports users feed-back which becomes a mean for improving quality of travelers information sytems. Exchange of information between users about delay, cancellation and others occurring events provides more accurate and precise information on the current state of the transportation system.

Let us cite various projects where AxIS was and is still involved:

Moreover Axis has been requested to participate to the CLAIRE-SITI submission related to transportation and managed by G. Scemama (Inrets) for Equipex call . In case of acceptation, AxIS might contribute from 2012-2013 on Mobility 2.0 for some methods and Web 2.0 tools for capturing and analysing user feedback.


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