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Section: Software

Diffusion MRI

Participants : Aurobrata Ghosh, Rachid Deriche.

The algorithms previously developed within the Odyssée Project team and related to the Diffusion Tensor and Q-Ball imaging are available upon request from the INRIA source forge ( ). One can use all the estimation and visualization tools developed, ranging from estimation, regularization, segmentation to Q-ball estimation, fiber ODF estimation and tractography algorithms. New visualization tools for Q-Ball images represented by spherical harmonic decomposition have also been developed.

The software library comprises geometric and variational methods devised to estimate, regularize, segment and perform tractography in DT (Diffusion Tensor) and HARDI (High Angular Resolution) MRI images. The library is multi-platform (Linux, Windows and OS X) ans is embedded into two open-source high level languages, TCL and Python.

Thanks to the ADT MedInria-NT, this library is in the process to be partly integrated within the interactive medical imaging platform MedINRIA .


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