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Section: Application Domains


Our research helps to answer a strong societal and economical need. Indeed, about one third of the burden of all diseases in Europe is due to brain diseases. It is projected that this burden will further increase in the coming decades due to the aging of the European society. The European Brain Council (EBC) recently investigated the socio-economic impact of brain diseases on European society. In the Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe study [50] the EBC concluded: In 28 (European) countries with a population of 466 million, 127 million were affected by at least one brain disorder. The total annual cost was Euros 386 billion (386 000 000 000). Brain research funding, health care resource allocation and teaching at medical schools are proportionately much smaller. The huge cost and burden of brain disorders calls for increased efforts in research, health care and teaching. This very strong societal and economic need for improving diagnosis and therapy of brain diseases should eventually result in a reduction of the people suffering from brain diseases, as it may lead to improved therapies or disease modifying interventions in a very early or even asymptomatic stage of disease, thus improving quality of life and independent living.


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