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Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Application Domains


Participants : Guillaume Caumon, Nicolas Cherpeau, Samuel Hornus, Bruno Jobard, Bruno Lévy, Romain Merland, Vincent Nivoliers, Jeanne Pellerin, Nicolas Ray, Nicolas Saugnier, Thomas Viard.

This application domain is led by the Gocad consortium, created by Prof. Mallet, now headed by Guillaume Caumon. The consortium involves 48 universities and most of the major oil and gas companies. ALICE contributes to Gocad with numerical geometry and visualization algorithms for oil and gas engineering. The currently explored domains are complex and dynamic structural models construction, extremely large seismic volumes exploration, and drilling evaluation and planning. The solutions that we develop are transferred to the industry through Earth Decision Sciences . Several Ph.D. students are co-advised by researchers in GOCAD and ALICE.


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