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Section: Software

ORWL and P99

Participant : Jens Gustedt.

ORWL is a reference implementation of the Ordered Read-Write Lock tools as described inĀ [11] .

It aims to work as standalone library in a shared memory and distributed setting. The implementation is uniquely based on C99 and POSIX. ORWL is has already been registered at the APP. Final tests and benchmarks have still to be performed before it will be made publicly available.

The macro definitions and tools for programming in C99 that have been implemented for ORWL have been separated out into a toolbox called P99. This toolbox allows e.g the simplified use of variable length argument list for macros and functions, default arguments of functions, compile time code unrolling, scope bound resource management, transparent allocation and initialization. It has been registered at the APP and is available at .


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