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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Initiatives

Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems

We participate to the COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) Action IC0804

Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems , started this year. We plan several contributions to this project. First, we want to integrate into the SimG rid tool the energy models developed in the work package 2 of this project to allow the use of our simulator during the evaluation of algorithms aimed by the work package 3. Second, in the work package 2 we want to design energy models compatibles with our experiments on the CPU+GPU clusters of SUPÉLEC, and in the work package 3 we aim to use these models and our various experiments to design parallel algorithms for CPU+GPU clusters, that will be optimized both in speed and in energy consumption (tracking a right compromise).

Bilateral Collaborations

Martin Quinson is leading a research effort aiming at adapting the SimG rid framework to ease its use by the CERN team in charge of managing the data associated to the LHC instrument through the DQ2 middleware. In particular, we are working on modeling the storage elements used in DQ2, which are currently not simulated in SimG rid. This work is done in collaboration with the team PH-ADP-DDM lead by V. Garone at CERN and with F. Suter from the Computing Center of IN2P3, and benefited of a funding of 5000 euros for 2010-2011 from the CNRS (through the grid institute – IdG) and the INRIA (through the Aladdin ADT).


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