Team AlGorille

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Jens Gustedt [Senior Researcher, INRIA , team leader, HdR]

Faculty Members

Sylvain Contassot-Vivier [Professor, UHP, HdR]
Stéphane Genaud [Associate Professor, Univ. Strasbourg, HdR]
Lucas Nussbaum [Associate Professor, U. Nancy 2]
Martin Quinson [Associate Professor, UHP/ÉSIAL]
Stéphane Vialle [Professor, SUPÉLEC Metz Campus, HdR]

Technical Staff

Pierre-Nicolas Clauss [Post-doc ANR project grant]
Fekari El Mehdi [Engineer, INRIA ]
Philippe Robert [engineer, INRIA , from Oct. 11, 2009 to Oct. 9, 2010]
Sébastien Badia [engineer, INRIA , since Jul. 15, 2010]
Christophe Thiéry [engineer ANR project grant, since Oct. 1, 2010]

PhD Students

Soumeya Leila Hernane [teaching assistant UST Oran, Algeria, since Oct 1, 2007]
Thomas Jost [since October, 2009]
Constantinos Makassikis [SUPÉLEC & UHP, since Feb 1, 2007]
Vassil Iordanov [NATO (The Hague, Netherlands) and SUPÉLEC, since March 1, 2008]
Cristian Rosa [ANR project grant, since Nov 10, 2008]
Wilfried Kirschenmann [EDF R&D (Clamart, France) and SUPÉLEC, since January 1, 2009]

Administrative Assistants

Antoinette Courrier [CNRS]
Laurence Félicité [universities]
Isabelle Herlich [ INRIA ]


Tomasz Buchert [Poznan University of Technology, internship from March to September 2010]
Marion Guthmuller [Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique et Applications de Lorraine, internship from June to August 2010]
David Marquez [University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, internship from July to November 2010]
Mauricio Chimento [University of Rosario, Argentina, internship from April to June 2010]


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