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Section: New Results

Context-awareness and Ambient Intelligence Software

Participants : Pierre Carton, Anthony Cleve, Laurence Duchien, Carlos Parra, Nicolas Pessemier.

Context-aware applications are applications that can react to changes on their environment. To achieve such reacting behavior, several challenges have to be faced in terms of: context management, support for dynamic reconfiguration, automation of development, and a consistent development process. One possible way to face those challenges is to use the principles of Software Product Line (SPL) and specifically dynamic SPL (DSPL). DSPLs focus on variability management and aim at deriving different products from a same product family. Additionally, DSPLs allow for products to be derived both at design and at runtime. This enables applications to be adapted during execution and dynamically fit new requirements or resource changes. In [28] we have proposed and approach to use both feature constraints and aspect model dependencies in order to create a complete derivation process that guarantees a conflict-free strategy for aspect weaving. To do it, we propose to analyze and compare the constraints defined at the feature level with the aspect dependencies that are implicitly defined en every aspect. This work corresponds to Carlos Parra's PhD thesis and is partially funded by the CAPPUCINO project.


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