Team abstraction

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Bruno Blanchet [Junior Researcher, CNRS — Feb. 2010(Bruno Blanchet, David Cadé, and Miriam Paiola joined the Cascade project-team in March 2010, thus their yearly contributions are described in the report of the Cascade project-team.), HdR]
Radhia Cousot [Senior Researcher, CNRS, HdR]
Jérôme Feret [Junior Researcher, INRIA Paris–Rocquencourt]
Antoine Miné [Junior Researcher, CNRS]
Xavier Rival [Junior Researcher, INRIA Paris–Rocquencourt]

Faculty Members

Patrick Cousot [Team leader, Professor, ENS, HdR]
Laurent Mauborgne [Associate Professor, ENS, HdR]

Technical Staff

Élodie-Jane Sims [Research engineer, INRIA, — Sept. 2010]

PhD Students

David Cadé [— Feb. 2010]
Liqian Chen [Mar. 2009 — Aug. 2010]
Vincent Laviron [Sep. 2009 —]
Jérémy Leconte [Sep. 2009 — Sep. 2010]
Matteo Zanioli [Sep. 2009 —]
Ferdinanda Camporesi [May. 2010 —]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Julien Bertrane

Visiting Scientists

Roberto Giacobazzi [Università di Verona, Nov. 2010]
Andreas Podelski [University of Freiburg, Oct. 2010]
Miriam Paiola [Università di Padova, Feb. 2010]
Ben Smyth [University of Birmingham, Feb. 2010]

Administrative Assistants

Joëlle Isnard [Administrative Head DI, ENS]
Elisabeth Baque [INRIA]
Nathalie Abiola [INRIA, — Feb. 2010]


Mehdi Bouaziz [M2 internship, ENS, March–July 2010]
Suzanne Renard [Research internship, École des Mines de Paris, Sep. 2010–Feb. 2011]


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