Team WAM

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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Initiatives


Palette (Pedagogically sustained Adaptive Learning through the Exploitation of Tacit and Explicit knowledge) is a European IST FP-6 Integrated Project. It aims at developing an extensible set of innovative, interoperable and standard-based services that enhance the learning process in communities of practice. These services are validated through various pedagogical scenarios fostering the emergence of new learning practices that remove barriers for the exploitation of mental models, knowledge resources and competences of individuals inside and outside communities.

The project was terminated end of January 2009. The main contributions of the WAM project-team concern document models and authoring tools. More specifically, templating mechanisms are designed, developed and experimented in the context of communities of practice. These developments and experiments are based both on Amaya (see section 5.1 ) and LimSee3 (see section 5.2 ).


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