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Section: Scientific Foundations

XML Processing

Participants : Everardo Bárcenas-Patiño, Melisachew Chekol, Pierre Genevès, Nabil Layaïda, Vincent Quint.

Given the prominent role of XML for representing all kinds of data on the web and elsewhere, XML structures processing becomes a key issue. There are already dedicated languages for processing XML structures, such as XSLT or XQuery, which abstract over data through a tree-based data model and provide a powerful execution model. Our research follows this approach.

Some properties are expected from these specialized languages in order to help solving the most common problems: expressiveness, verifiability, efficiency, reusability, evolvability, scalability, correctness, etc. These properties are studied using the fundamental connection between language theory, mathematical logic, structured languages and query languages.

The goal of the research published so far in the literature is often limited to establishing new theoretical properties and complexity bounds. Our research differs in that, in addition to these goals, we seek resolution algorithms, efficient implementation techniques, and concrete design that may be directly applied to XML systems. We also consider that some properties are of particular importance for XML structure processing, namely:

Most of our work so far focuses on the XPath query language, for which we try to check properties statically, in the presence of types (schemas) or not.


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