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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Bilateral international co-operation

Collaboration with University of Buenos-Aires, Inria associate team FIM

Participants : Guillermo Artana, Bruno Cernuschi-Frias, Tomas Crivelli, Patrick Bouthemy, Étienne Mémin, Jian-Feng Yao, Patrick Heas.

The Inria associate team fim (“Fluidos e Imágenes de Moviemento”) is concerned with the analysis of fluid flow from image sequences. It was created in December 2004. This long-term and intensive cooperation involves two groups from the Engineering Faculty of the University of Buenos-Aires: the Signal processing group headed by Professor Bruno Cernuschi-Friàs and the Fluid Mechanics group headed by Professor Guillermo Artana. Two main themes are investigated. The first one deals with experimental visualization and embeds modeling, motion measurement and analysis of fluid flows. The second one is concerned with the modeling, segmentation and recognition of dynamic textures in videos of natural fluid scenes (sea-waves, rivers, smoke, moving foliage, etc...).

BFHZ-CCUFB / French-Bavarian collaboration

Participant : Charles Kervrann.

This bilateral collaboration project between Bavaria (Munich, Germany) and France is a one year project with the Department Biologie II - Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Munich / H. Leonhardt, A. Dobay). In this study, we have proposed to evaluate the performance of already developed denoising algorithms when the time, exposure or gain is reduced during acquisition in fluorescence microscopy.


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