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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

MS-Inria Video data mining for environmental and social sciences

Participants : Ivan Laptev, Patrick Pérez.

duration 36 months.

This contract takes place in the context of the joint Microsoft-Inria research laboratory. It involves two other Inria project-teams, Willow and Lear. The projects is composed of three fairly disjoint sub-projects. Vista contributes to two of them: (i) Mining dynamical remote data with applications in computational ecology and environmental science; (ii) Mining TV broadcasts with applications to sociology. In the first sub-project, we aim at combining various low and mid-level video analysis tools (shot detection, camera motion characterization, visual tracking, object recognition, human action recognition) for the analysis and annotation of human actions and interactions in video segments to assist “and provide data for” studies of consumer trends in commercials, political event coverage in newscasts, and class- and gender-related behavior patterns in situation comedies, for example. In the second one, we aim at designing new tools for the detection of salient changes in multi-temporal satellite images (with application to assessment of natural damages, consequences of climate modifications, and changes caused by human action in urban or natural environments), and, in the longer term, for the detection, identification and tracking of dynamics meteorological events, with application to risk assessment and weather forecast.


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