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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Cifre grant with Thomson-R&D on video inpainting

Participants : Patrick Pérez, Matthieu Fradet.

no. Inria 2210, duration 36 months.

This contract started in March 2007 is associated with the supervision of M. Fradet's thesis funded by a Cifre grant. It concerns the problem of semi-automatic object removal for film and television post-production. The first goal is, for a given static mask to be filled-in, to design a local motion analysis approach (estimation and segmentation) that allows the interpolation of motion information within the region and the effective filling of the region based on current and surrounding frames as well as measured and interpolated motion information. The second step will aim at combining previous tool with tracking tools developed in 7.2 in order to allow the removal of a moving object selected by the user in one or several key frames. Two applicative scenarios are especially targeted: removing of logos in tv broadcasts for business unit Thomson Grass Valley, and object removal in film post-production for business unit Technicolor. Part of this work lead to the filing of the following European patent: “Method for segmenting video segment” by M. Fradet, P. Pérez and Ph. Robert.


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