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Section: Software

Motion2d software - parametric motion model estimation

Participants : Fabien Spindler (Lagadic project-team), Patrick Bouthemy.

Motion2d is a multi-platform object-oriented library to estimate 2d parametric motion models in an image sequence. It can handle several types of motion models, namely, constant (translation), affine, and quadratic models. Moreover, it includes the possibility of accounting for a global variation of illumination. The use of such motion models has been proved adequate and efficient for solving problems such as optic flow computation, motion segmentation, detection of independent moving objects, object tracking, or camera motion estimation, and in numerous application domains, such as dynamic scene analysis, video surveillance, visual servoing for robots, video coding, or video indexing. Motion2d is an extended and optimized implementation of the robust, multi-resolution and incremental estimation method (exploiting only the spatio-temporal derivatives of the image intensity function) we defined several years ago [56] . Real-time processing is achievable for motion models involving up to 6 parameters (for 256x256 images). Motion2d can be applied to the entire image or to any pre-defined window or region in the image. Motion2d is released in two versions :

More information on Motion2d can be found at and the software can be donwloaded at the same Web address.


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