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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

INRIA Associated Project NeurOMIMe

Participants : Pierre Hellier, Sylvain Prima, Pierre Jannin, Jean-Yves Gauvrit, Xavier Morandi, Romain Carpentier, Daniel Garcia-Lorenzo, Alexandre Abadie, Christian Barillot.

duration : 36 months, from 01/01/2006, renewed in 15/12/2008

NeurOMIMe( ) stands for "Objective Medical Image Methods Evaluation for Neurological and Neurosurgical Procedures". This International INRIA action is coordinated by Christian Barillot (Visages) and Louis Collins (IPL, Univ. McGill) and relates research dealing with medical image processing in clinical neurosciences performed in both collaborative sites: IRISA/Visages on one part and the Image Processing Laboratory of the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre at the Montreal Neurological Institute (Univ. Mc Gill, Montreal, Canada) on the other part.

The officiel yearly report is available online ( ).

Joint Project with the Brain Imaging and Cognitive Disorders group at LIAMA (Sino-French Laboratory in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics), Beijing, China

Participants : Lei Lin, Christian Barillot.

duration : 12 months, from 01/12/2008

Through this collaboration between BICD Team in LIAMA and TEAM VISAGES - U746, the two teams will share their own, but complementary, expertise by distributing algorithms and data dealing within the clinical needs of early prediction and diagnosis of brain diseases in order to compare and cross-validate the different procedures developed at each site and evaluate their performance on different populations, especially in Chinese and French populations with various brain diseases. Then it can improve on the excellence and efficiency of these procedures. The output of this collaboration will improve our understanding of mechanisms of some brain diseases.

Visiting scientists

Prof. Ponada Narayana, Visiting Scientist,Visiting Professor, University of Texas at Houston, TX, was in sabbatical from 01/05/2009, until 15/10/2009 in the team. His visit was mostly dedicated to work on the MS project and on setting up the Neurinfo imaging platform.


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