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Section: Software


Participants : Adrien Férial, Guillaume Renard, Alexandre Abadie, Bernard Gibaud, Christian Barillot.

Shanoir is the new name of InriaNeuroTK. Shanoir (Sharing NeurOImaging Ressources) aims at providing the VisAGeS team a software for managing neuroimaging data. This project is able to manage multimodal data (MR, CT) by extracting their metadata. The metadata can come from the original DICOM format but also from external sources. This system offers a better exploitation and marking of neuroimaging data. Shanoir is fully developped in Java language and is based on the JBoss SEAM framework. Currently, a set a web service has been developped to query the image base from client softwares. Shanoir is also deployed in a production environment with the Neurinfo experimental platform ( ). This software is registered at APP and licensed under the terms of the QPL (see ).


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